Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mocha Death-Iron Horse Brewery

I have been a fan of Iron Horse Brewery since I first had the luck of finding Quilter's Irish Death in a bottle.  It's name being a smack in the face to the Irish Ale's out there, being that it is a Scottish style ale, grabs you from the first glance.  This seasonal adaptation of an already great brew spawned a jig out of me when I noticed it in the isle.  I had to try it as soon as I could.

It pours a clear dark brown with a small khaki head, and some lacing.  The smell is of coffee grounds, and cocoa bean, but the malty goodness of its unmolested big brother is still present.  The taste is smooth, with a strong coffee mouth feel, a little chocolate in the back of the throat, and a mildly sour malt at the end that ends a little on the bitter side.

By far, this holiday season, this is my favorite brew.  I plan on buying a case of this, when the wifey lets me, just on the sheer fact that I don't see it being trumped this holiday season by any offerings in its category-stouts not included it is a Scottish Ale.

Willy Blanks

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  1. After being introduced to this magnificent "Irish" take on a "Scottish" ale i was hooked. I was perusing a local fine wine and beer establishment and out of the corner of my eye spotted this little seasonal goodness. Very Very Tasty. Willy did a great job in describing its great color and taste! \

    I urge anyone to give it a try!


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