Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jackassery and what next

So within recent days I have not gotten much sleep; not due to the wife wanting to spend more "quality time" with me, kids sick, school stressing me out or the to-do-list looming above-but beer. Not just any beer, but the beer of possibility. The beer that has not been made, but needs to be. It is actually rather comical when in your everyday drab banter between the zombies of this world that beer comes up. Everyone is an expert, regardless if they drink horse piss (Coor, Bud, MGD, etc.) or the good stuff. Also everyone has an ear to the word "homebrew" for to them it signals: A-free beer; B-a welcome opinion on what they think should be made; and C-an attempt to be made by them to perform the jackassery that accompanies their apparent lack of knowledge on the subject of homebrew by supplementing it with a form of mental diarrhea, spitting out any form of information that seems to float around in the hollow shell of a dome they possess.  Furthermore I plan on NEVER doing the Betty Crocker form of homebrewing again-I found no personal satisfaction, no brain wave development, but did the duty for a first batch and it was fun hanging with my buddy Mark. Where now...? We have come up with some possibilites that I feel great about-so look out jackass's the brew is coming....

Monday, September 21, 2009