Thursday, October 22, 2009

Round Two...

Well, the Vanilla Bourb...err...I mean "Vanilla Tennessee Whiskey Stout" (wow, that doesn't roll off the tongue at all) was finally ready to transfer to secondary they other day. I got myself three NICE Madagascar Vanilla Beans from Cost Plus, split them open, scraped out the insides and dumped them in a bottle of Jack Daniels to soak ahead of time (you know, bring out all those great alcohol-soluble flavors). Addressing some comments that I know I just generated:

Q: Why Crack Daniels instead of a *real* bourbon?
A: Well...cuz I like it :-) And it's my beer so :-P

Q: How did you know how much Jack Daniels to use?
A: Simple...I took a 12-ounce beer, added a teaspoon, took a sip, repeated until I liked it and scaled up to five gallons :-)

Anyway, here's me using my awesome auto-siphon. If you don't have one, get one. It's the best $8 you'll spend.

Yep...and here's me still waiting (it's not exactly a quick process)

You can see some of the vanilla beans floating around in there. I tell ya, this thing smelled AWESOME by the time it was all done mixing!

I was pretty impressed at the sediment in the bottom. Hooray Irish Moss...and Hooray Gravity!

Here it is from another angle...

Anyway, I know this wasn't as exciting as the initial brewing...what with its crazy boil-over action and whatnot, but it was pretty novel to me. Happy Brewing!

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