Friday, October 16, 2009

Keggle Project

That's right I said Keggle! Please do not confuse this with Kegel. This ain't that blog.

A Keggle is a converted beer keg/brew kettle hence the name Keggle, I guess. Basically its just an old beer keg with the top cut out and a spigot added to the bottom. So being a DIY guy, when I saw an old beer keg on craigslist I just couldn't pass it up. I called the number and was over to the guys house the same day.

Cutting out the top was pretty easy. My Dad has a pneumatic die grinder that made quick work of the stainless which is pretty tough metal.

I got most all of my ideas for this project online. Most of the Keggles I saw were made with the newer style snake keg. The keg I procured would take a little more effort to convert to big a** brew kettle. Reason being it has a bung hole in the middle that must be welded. Lucky for me my Stepfather has a nice TIG welder! So I moved the project there.

After the bung was welded air tight with some scrap from the top that I cut out. We took some more pieces of scrap stainless to build up the bottom of the keg. The original plan was to just drill and tap a hole in the bottom for the spigot but there just wasn't enough material to get a good thread. So once Tim (my Stepdad) welded enough material on, I drilled and tapped out some thread that would accept a 3/8" brass pipe & ball valve spigot.

I made a siphon out of a piece of brass coat rack. Then I built a filter for the siphon out of brass mesh. Don't want no freaking trub in my brew! The last thing I did was bolt some steel gate handles on either side with stainless hardware. I also bought a barb fitting for the spigot to accept a tube for racking.

All in all it went pretty well. $35.00 for the keg and and another $30.00 for the spigot pieces and handles. Not too shabby. All ready to roll Spo-compton this weekend to do work.

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