Monday, April 5, 2010

Blonde Ale-ment

I have decided to bring my affliction to light and air it out for all to see. As of late I have been possessed with the free time and distinct need to brew my own beer. Unfortunately as this cannot be done in a single sunny afternoon I have been forced to wait. Waiting as we all know creates anticipation, the loose, but not that bad looking if you've had a few sister, of lust. Yes I've said it, I lust after my sultry brew, but don't
tell anticipation, she probably wouldn't understand. That being said, I am waiting for my Canadian Blonde to clarify a bit before I bottle her and the long days are taking their toll. Last night I laid awake and restless in the twilight hours counting vacant bottles in my head, wondering desperately what I would do with 6 gallons of liquid gold. I fear I am sick and the only cure my
dear friends will be the reckless and gleeful consumption of my baby...and more cowbell.