Thursday, November 26, 2009

Homebrew Links

Put up some homebrew links to both online suppliers and a very helpful layout by John Palmer that hits all the main points of his "how-to" book.  Hope this helps

Willy Blanks

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NEWBIES Curiosity

alright, i have read a few reasons why you would have a primary and a secondary fermentation, but what does everyone on here think? Is there a true benefit in the secondary, other than for those batches which you add extra ingredients for aging (i.e. vanilla beans, oak chips etc.)? Does it improve taste? what does everyone think, i have not been able to get a straight answer on this.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time to spread some holiday beer!

Up on the roof top a reindeer groans, down the the chimney slips Santy Bones. Do not fear the Santy Bones he will soon be delivering his precious cargo to all the good little boys and girls. Smelling of pine and spice he is checking his list and checking it twice trying to find who is naughty and nice! So be on your best behavior or you may get a lump of coal, or even worse a Schmidt Ice.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Blonde Porn Star

So the Journey Begins, Story of my life, pleasing the women of my life. Creating a beer to your own likings is easy, but to figure out what SHE wants may become much more problematic. So it begins, The Blonde Porn Star, Light, Fluffy, yet with a hint of bitterness, and a lack of floral aromas.
Ahhhhh the ingredients, only the best from Larry's Brewing Supply, Pilsner Malt, German Yeast, Fuggle Hop Pellets ( Larry's Recommendation-never used pellets so this will be a first) and some Crystal 10L Grains.

Before I begin we thought we might start the season early with a few new brews which caught our eyes as we walked the beer selection in the local QFC.

This time around i opted to go with filtered water, our apartment water lends an aftertaste similar to licking a hop flavored water hose with a bite of Bothell Washington added in for extra flavor.... Rachel and i both can live without!

This Blonde Porn Star needs a man with a large sack (no pun intended) to sow the seeds which i just happen to have one on hand to prepared my grains.

Ready to go, got the water fired up and ready to seep my grains, approximately 20 minutes, as the grains sat the blonde's juice begain to gain character. While the grains added the needed character to this sassy blonde, i took this time to weight out my hops and warm this blondes sweet spot for when we really turn the heat up, to get this baby boiling.

We'll cut to the chase, and forget the foreplay lets see some porn!

Unfortunately my Blonde Porn Star doesn't like to get hot while i watch Sunday night football and gave me that sassy attitudes she is known for, all it took was a touch down and a lap around the apartment and, yes, of course the boil over.

But a little attitude wont stop me, while i wait for my ice bath to cool my girl down, i took the time to clean up the mess and do my due diligence in sanitization to prepare my carboy and other pornstar handling equipment.

Like with most women, the time and effort is always worth the final taste, but right now this Blonde needs some rest, and so do I...........more to come.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Coors Light-A Redneck Love Story

Upon walking through my local redneck supermarket I was drawn to the sound of a flowing river through the Rockies.  Slowly I walked with dreams of Nascar, mullets, double wides, lifted trucks and the confederate flag.  What could this force of brewing nature be?  I took off my Stihl hat and scratched my flowing mullet topped head that would make Billy Ray ask me for an autograph.  This shining bastion of redneckdom, this "silver bullet" was able to slay any man's knowledge and love of what beer really is.  I reached out to grab this can that is the holy grail of the hillbilly nation and wrapped my Copenhagen smelling hands around it.  It burned with icy cool power of the Rockies, I pulled out my skinnin knife to help balance this beast into my Carhart pocket.

At home I took a drink, not some girly man sip but a chug that any frat boy would shy from.  The first taste that mixed in with the Redman in my mouth was a watered down cereal taste that bubbled in my mouth-virtually tasteless. The aftertaste was slightly horse pissey with a hint of dog piss at the back of the tongue, and if you don't know what those taste like-you ain't a redneck.  Some of this nectar of the Rockies spilled on my bib overalls and flannel shirt which brought a tear to my eye at such a waste.  I give this beer a 4 of 10 cuz that is as high as I can count and is the same amount of daddy's I got.  Welp talk to ya later-YYEEEHHHAAAAWWWW