Monday, February 1, 2010

Real men brew real beer. You wussy!

That's right the proof is in the pudding. Here is a rad shot of Blanks transferring cooled wort into the fermenter. Great technique bro! That ESB should be a nice break from the darker beers that have previously been spawned from the Willy-Warn homebrew crew.

Speaking of darker beers both the Stout and the Porter that we began in the fall are already almost completely gone. Both were great examples of the fact that: any knuckle head with some initiative and an eye for a deal on craigslist can create great homebrew. But seriously, both the Coffee Stout, and the Ginger Porter turned out to our liking. Would we say that it was the best beer we ever tried? No, probably not. (At least I wouldn't.) I think we can both agree that we would make some minor changes if we did those beers over. The point is: Was it the best beer we ever made? ah, Ya we made it! It was hella better than those other beers we drank but never made? Ya again, Fo Sho. I think the awesomeness of creating your own beer go's beyond seeing something that you have toiled over, going through to completion. I mean lets face it. We are dudes. We just created beer. And dang you. Not by accident, but to our own specification! See what I mean? Pretty Freaking sweet. Just think of the possibilities if we had that kind of dominion over our own wives.


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