Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NEWBIES Curiosity

alright, i have read a few reasons why you would have a primary and a secondary fermentation, but what does everyone on here think? Is there a true benefit in the secondary, other than for those batches which you add extra ingredients for aging (i.e. vanilla beans, oak chips etc.)? Does it improve taste? what does everyone think, i have not been able to get a straight answer on this.


  1. What I have read concerning secondary is by utilizing this you are able to clarify the beer. Yeast becomes slightly active once again and begins to munch on more proteins=clearer beer. Also by eliminating the first trub left over it allows less of the unfermentables to hop into your brew. It is really only used if you plan on fermenting past 2 weeks. I also use Irish Moss as a clarifying agent and with the combination of the two it produces a much clearer beer.


  2. Blanks is right. After vigorous fermentation is over (usually about two weeks) the dead yeast begins to autolize or decay which can impart off flavors. So if you don't plan on bottling right away it is a good idea to rack into another carboy. The secondary fermentation also allows some beers complex flavor to develop. However if you are in a hurry and not worried about cloudy beer you could bottle straight from your primary as long as its done after your vigorous fermentation.

  3. those were all my Suspicions from my reading of the topic but i thought i would get everyone elses advice, the more information you have only benefits you!


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