Monday, June 15, 2009

Brewdog Beer

My favorite newer brewery is Brewdog out of Scotland, UK. They have been around since '07 and available recently here in the states.

Now, I have only tried a few of there ales but I liked them, a lot. No I mean really liked them a lot. Well one style in particular, the Storm (Islay Whisky Cask Aged IPA). I even (apparently) stepped out of character and went on ranting and raving to a certain friend after first sampling the divine nectar. :)

Now this stuff is supposed to be a double IPA I think it is closer to a Scotch style ale. Dark brown in color, Strong whiskey booze taste up front with a pete-y smooth finish and just enough hoppiness to let you know its an IPA. Now the knuckle daggers on Beer advocate give this beer a C rating. Why? Probably because they thought they were going to be drinking an IPA (which I think this beer is anything but). Or probably because they got back from their local grocer with another "Double IPA" that some lack luster brewery has dubbed: Double Doggwater of which they used to wash down a bucket of KFC with, then went on talking 'bout how they are so into craft beers! Pathetic! This is what you call a craft beer, I mean experiment a little. I think this is as close to drinking a single barrel Scotch as you can get with out doing the real thing. So I say bollocks to them and bollocks to others that can't appreciate something different.-man was that out of character?

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